Friday, September 14, 2012

Affogato al Caffè (Ice Cream with Coffee)

It's 102º F (39º C) right now in Los Angeles.  It's fair to say it's too (bloody) hot, right?

So, it's time for a refreshing Italian treat: Affogato al Caffè, which means "drowned in coffee".

This is incredibly easy and takes no time at all. All you need is coffee and vanilla ice-cream (whipped cream adds a crowing touch, but it's not necessary.)


Ingredients for one serving:

one scoop of vanilla ice-cream
one shot of hot espresso
freshly whipped cream, optional
chocolate curls, shavings etc, optional

Place the ice cream in a serving glass, dish, etc. as
long as it is clear glass or plastic.

Pour the hot coffee over the ice cream.

Decorate with cream and chocolate, if desired.

I gave this Affogatto a British twist, by adding a piece of Flake! 

You can't go wrong, any way you make it, it's deliciously refreshing!

The pink you see is bougainvillea reflecting through the window!

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